2014 Summit 2.0 “Bridging the Gap”

  • Dr. George Bluespruce and Dental Student Kristin
  • Lynette Shupla, Chairwoman of AAIOHI
  • Rayma Duyongwa, Program Director Hopi Head Start Presenting on Hopi Coalition
  • Dr. Timothy Lozon, Director of Oral Health IHS Keynote Speaker
  • Alida Montiel, Health Systems Director ITCA Presenting State Policy Issues on Oral Health
  • Kevin Earle, Executive Director of the Arizona Dental Association Presenting on Federal Policies on Oral Health
  • Kim Russell, Executive Director of the Advisory Council on Indian Health Care
  • Mae-Gilene Begay AAIOHI SEC Member, Navajo Speaking on CHR Program on Navajo
  • Dr. Dan Huber, Dental Consultant IHS Presenting Evidence for Action


On behalf of the Arizona American Indian Oral Health Initiative we would like to thank all the participants for attending our Summit 2.0 “Bridging the Gap,” on October 7th-8th, 2014, at Black Canyon Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

We had a great turn out with representation from several tribes, a number of health care providers, dental students, and administrators from health systems including Indian Health Services. Each day went by so quickly and there was an enormous amount of information to take in.

Please feel free to download any of the following power points!

Summit 2.0 “Bridging the Gap” Agenda: AAIOHI Summit 2.0 Agenda-Final

Day One of Summit 2.0

Brendalee Lopez, Project Coordinator, Arizona American Indian Oral Health Initiative

Powerpoint: Watching it Grow: Brendalee Lopez-AAIOHI Summit

Dr. Mary Williard, Director, Alaska Native Dental Health Aide Therapist Educational Program Department of Oral Health Promotion

Powerpoint: Dental Health Aide Therapist-“Community At Work”: Dr. Mary Williard- AAIOHI Summit

Dr. Geiermann, Senior Manager, Access, Community Oral Health Infrastructure & Capacity, American Dental Association

Powerpoint: Developing an Oral Health Plan-Putting Your Thoughts on Paper: Dr. Geiermann-AAIOHI Summit

Day Two of Summit 2.0

Dr. Rick Champany, Dental Consultant, Early Childhood Caries

Powerpoint: Networking on the Navajo Nation to Improve Oral Health: Dr. Rick Champany-AAIOHI Summit

Mae-Gilene Begay, Manager, Community Health Rep Prog, Navajo Nation Division of Health

Powerpoint: Weaving Oral Health into the Community: Mae-Gilene Begay-AAIOHI Summit

Connie Baine, Regional Oral Health Coordinator, Navajo-Apache-Gila Oral Health Coalition:

Powerpoint: Navajo-Apache-Gila Coalition Connie Baine-AAIOHI Summit


2014 AAIOHI Summit 2.0-“Bridging the Gap”

Agenda and Event Information

Event Description:

A collaborative, proactive environment for tribal and urban Indian administrators and leaders, IHS administrators, care providers and key stakeholders to share information, resources and strategies for improving access to dental services and the oral health of native communities in Arizona. Participants will actively examine and explore:

  • The state of the current oral health care system and reimbursement for dental services in Arizona.
  • Important opportunities, concerns and policy issues presented by the Affordable Care Act and the permanent reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.
  • Proven strategies and lessons learned for enhancing service delivery efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and expanding the reach of services into communities.
  • New and emerging strategies for improving education and prevention services.
  • New oral health data and analysis for Arizona Indian communities.
  • Mapping the road ahead and identifying strategies for working together to remove barriers and enhance oral health care in Arizona Indian Communities



To access Summit Agenda: AAIOHI Summit 2.0 Agenda-Draft



AAIOHI Summit 2.0-“Bridging the Gap”

August 29, 2014


The Arizona American Indian Oral Health Initiative will be hosting the Arizona American Indian Oral Health Summit 2.0, “Bridging the Gap.” It will be held on October 7th and 8th, 2014, at the Black Canyon Conference Center located at 9440 N. 25th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85021 (602.944.0569).

I have attached the registration link (no charge) for the Summit 2.0 below:

Also, the map and directions to Black Canyon Conference Center.

The AAIOHI is looking forward to your attendance at the Summit 2.0 “Bridging the Gap.”

Thank you,

The Arizona American Indian Oral Health Initiative