DHAT Symposium Presentations

Dental Health Aide Symposium: Agenda-Final

No Power Points Available

Welcome & Blessing from host-Lynette Shupla, Chairwoman, Arizona American Indian Oral Health Initiative

Welcome & Opening Remarks-Vice President Rex Lee Jim

Power Points Available:

Keynote Speaker: Dental Health Aide Therapist Model Implementation
Dr. Mary Williard, DDS, Director, DHAT Education Program, ANTHC
Email: mewilliard@anthc.org

Dental Health Aide Therapist at Work-Roberts
Cora Roberts, DHAT, South East Regional Health Corporation
Email: corar@searhc.org

Dental Health Aide Therapist at Work-Guido
Tambre Guido, RDH, DHAT, Hooper Bay Community
Email: toothflosser74@yahoo.com

Increasing Accessibility & Affordable Dental Care
Senator Benny Shendo Jr., New Mexico Legislature
1. Handout One-Senator Benny Shendo
2. Handout Two-Senator Benny Shendo
3. Handout Three-Senator Benny Shendo, Jr.
Email: benny.shendo@nmlegis.gov

Lessons From Canadian Dental Therapy Programs Part One
Lessons From Canadian Dental Therapy Programs Part Two
Dr. Todd Hartsfield, DDS, Dental Therapist Instructor/Supervisor
Email: thartsfield@atsu.edu

Legal Issues & Dental Health Aide Therapist Model-Munson
Myra Munson, Partner, Sachse, Miller, & Munson LLP
Email: myra@sonoskyjuneau.com

Legal Issues & Dental Health Aide Therapist Model-Jordan
David Jordan, Dental Access Project Director, Community Catalyst
Email: djordan@communitycatalyst.org

Expanding the Dental Health Aide Therapist Model
Dr. Alice Warner, Director of Policy, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Email: alice.warner@wkkf.org
Lynn Scherer, Program Manager for Racial Equity, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Email: lynn.scherer@wkkf.org

Video One Shared: Val Davidson

Video Two Shared: Celebrating 10 Years of DHATS



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