AZ Tribal Oral Health Legislative Forum

Arizona Tribal Oral Health Legislative Forum

Held August 27-28, 2015


The Arizona Tribal Oral Health Legislative Forum was presented by the Arizona American Indian Oral Health Initiative and the Advisory Council on Indian Health Care. The       purpose of this very important two day forum was to strengthen legislation development, review the processes and advocacy that is currently in place for Native Americans, and ensure that evidence is integrated into policy making to improve the health of the American Indian population.

The Arizona Tribal Oral Health Legislative Forum brought together health care professionals, policymakers, tribal and state leaders, administrators, community members, and more to become oral health stakeholders and engage in the efforts to make oral health a priority for tribal communities.

Agenda: Download Agenda Here!!

Arizona Tribal Oral Health Legislative Forum Speakers and Presentations (pdf format)

Day One: Setting the Foundation for Oral Health Care in Arizona

Senator Carlyle Begay, Arizona District 7: The Importance of Policy and Legislative Formulation.

  • State of Arizona education issues – need to analyze and create strategies that pipeline education and training for Native Americans
  • There needs to be a stronger state plan for the coordination and sharing of information and an increase in surveillance to identify gaps in oral health. Once gaps are identified, policies can be created to combat those gaps
  • Tribal leaders must be a part of the legislative process, attend committee hearings, and sign off on legislation that impacts their tribal communities and rural populations

Dr. Ronald Toepke, DDS, Dental Director for Pascua Yaqui Dental Center: The State of Oral Health. Click Here for PDF Presentation.

Dr. Dan Huber, DDS, Consultant for Phoenix Area Indian Health Service: Tribal and Oral Health Data Report. Click Here for PDF Presentation.

Alida Montiel, Health Systems Analyst, InterTribal Council of Arizona: Oral Health Care Coverage. Click Here for PDF Presentation.

Caitrin McCarron Shuy, Director of Congressional Relations, National Indian Health Board: Innovative Solutions to Improve Oral Health Access in Indian Country. Click Here for PDF Presentation.

Kim Russell, Executive Director of the Advisory Council on Indian Health Care: Oral Health Workforce. Click Here for PDF Presentation.

Senator David Bradley, Arizona District 10: Oral Health State Legislation and the Stakeholder Process. Click Here for PDF Presentation.

Day Two: “Developing Recommendations in Legislation and Policy” (Working Session)

Nate Myszka, Senior Associate, Children’s Dental Campaign at the Pew Charitable Trusts: Increasing Access to Dental Care: Legislative Advocacy. Click Here for PDF Presentation.

Workgroup Roundtables:

Topic 1: Oral Health Workforce

Topic 2: Oral Health Care Coverage

Topic 3: Preventative Oral Health

Final Report:

As a result of this forum, a final report has been created to share the work developed during the two-day event. The report summarizes the round table discussion regarding the challenges and strengths; and outlines the key recommendations developed at the forum in the areas of oral health workforce development, oral health coverage and preventative oral health.

Please feel free to share this report and utilize it as an advocacy resource to promote the key recommendations outlined. AAIOHI plans to continue to work with the stakeholders who participated in this important forum to develop or support local, state or federal efforts that align with improving oral health for American Indian people in Arizona.

To Access the Final Report: Please Click Here